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Ramblings of a Smartie Addict
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Date:2009-02-28 21:21
Subject:2nd Week in Norway!

Well, two entries in two weeks! I guess it's the first time anything remotely interesting/worth reading about has happened! I think only Jon still reads/uses livejournal, but this is more for my memory than anyone else anyway!

After leaving Ongajok we dropped the others off at the airport, and then checked in at the Rica. Lucy and Jenny came with me and then we had a wander around all the shops of Alta. Which wasn't very many! We went to the Alta Handicraft Shop Museum and then had lunch in Subway. We returned to the hotel for some tea and coffee. There doesn't appear to be any tea and coffee upstairs in Norweigan hotels, it's all downstairs! So whilst we had our tea, a random Norgy man chatted to us about his band who were playing in the hotel later. Jenny and Lucy soon left, and I went to my room.
First problem...not used to hotel rooms, I didn't know how to turn the lights on!! Luckily, the reception man knew that all I needed to do was put the room key into the main light switch. It's easy once you know how!!
I enjoyed a very lovely washing of hair, until the shower head fell out of its fitting and walloped me on the head!! It was nice being able to wash my hair without worrying about the potential for it freezing! Even though it froze without having been washed.
I watched a few films in the hotel- Definately Maybe, and Juno. I met the boys in the restaurent, and went back to Barney's room with them. Their films weren't quite to my taste, so I left them, ready for an early night!

I wandered down for breakfast, and met the boys. A few people from the course hadn't booked on Saturday flights so had stayed in Alta town centre, so I kept bumping into them. I checked out of the hotel, booked a new one and then wandered round Alta town centre. Unfortunately, nothing is open in Alta on a Sunday!! So Iwent back to the hotel room, found the internet, and made a plan! And then enjoyed the amazingly comfy bed!

Full of good intentions, I got up at 6, and had breakfast, ready to catch the bus to Hammerfest. Unfortunately, the receptionist was so slow checking me in for another day, that I missed the bus, so I changed plans, and went to Alta Museum instead.
Alta Museum was very interetsing, and reminded me a lot of the Jean Auel series. It was a bit surreal being the only person in the museum though!!! I caught the bus back to Alta and had another wander. Back in the hotel, I soon felt at home, when Neighbours came on the television!!

I checked out of the hotel, and wandered to Alta Church, which was very pretty, with all the bulldozers outside! I checked in at the Nordlys hotel, and had a look at all of the gemstones in their 'museum'. On the way there, a random man came and spoke to me. He told me he had been on the run from Kameroon, and was hiding in Alta (I figure it's a good place for hiding). After chatting for a while...he asked when he could see me again. Hahaha.
Mum arrived Tuesday evening, without any problems!

We were picked up from the hotel, ready to go snowmobiling. I was a little apprehensive after our eventful ride earlier in the week, but there were no problems. Mum drove, and it was a very bouncy ride! They didn't have handles to hold on to like the other skidoos did. We crossed more of the plateau and the scenery was very difficult. We stopped and cut ice blocks, learning how to make a snow shelter if there was no slope. We walked/slipped over some ice, and had a jolly time. The weather closed in pretty quickly, and visibility dropped drastically. Luckily our guide knew the way, and brought us safely back for a meal at Gargia Fjellstue. It was a very tasty Sami Stew, served by an entertaining Sami, very devoted to watching skiing!!

We went back to Alta, and hired a car, ready for the next day. We then drove to the ice hotel, which was a terrifying experience. Trying to navigate Mum round right sided driving, and back to front roundabouts!! We found the hotel, and didn't cause too many problems. We had an amazing meal at the Ice Hotel, even though the chef was a little strange.

He prepared little tasters as appetisers, so we didn't really have a million starters!! The meal was paced very well. We ate: Bread with very green garlic butter
Sea Urchin Caviar
Halibut and pommegranate
Arctic scallops

Sole and Chips (this was the most amazing fish and chips I have EVER tasted. I could have eaten much more of this! So full of tastiness, and piping hot)
Mum had duck salad

Cod, mushy peas, mushrooms, mash and rosemary
Mum had haddock and artichoke

Chocolate fondant
Mum had fig in cinnamon

We then went to sleep in the ice hotel, as we were both pretty sleepy. We popped into room 11, armed with our sleeping bags and pillows! Disappointingly, the beds were ice, with wooden slats, then a mattress, then plenty of reindeer skins. There was no way we were going to freeze!! We crept into our sleeping bags, and had an amazingly toasty night!

We woke up fairly early, and waited for breakfast, which we polished off quickly before setting off to Kautkeino. The road was long...and straight...with lots of pretty scenery. The mountains were pretty, but after 2 1/2 hours...you get a little bit bored! We arrived at Juhl's Silver Gallery, and looked round. It was odd- the museum was free, and you walked in and watched them all working, then wandered round a vague exhibition that was more of a shop! But we found some pretty things, so it was entertaining.

We drove round Kautkeino a bit more, then drove back to Alta. We dropped the car off, had a brief look at the Kjell Nupen art display (not very impressed, but then art is never my thing!) before walking down to the Restaurent Haldde for our Taste of Lapland and Hottub. The meal was tasty, but not as tasty as the ice hotel meal!! We had King Crab and random sea things, followed by Smoked Reindeer or Fish, finished off with sorbet in a sugar basket.

We went into the hot tub...lasted about 4minutes, and then got bored, and walked back again!

Friday we did get up early enough to get the bus to Hammerfest! It waas an interesting bus journey, with lots of scenery across the plateu. Unfortunately, no-one told us we needed to change at Skadi, so we had an even longer journey than planned!! As we approached the coast, the scenery got prettier, but the long tunnel through the mountain was a little frightening!
We arrived in Hamerfest, and it was a lot more thriving than Alta. We had a look at Hammerfest Church which was very lovely. It was traditional, yet modern, and very warm. It must have been hard to strike a good balance between reverence, tradition, and comfort.
We visited the Museum of Post War Reconstruction which was interesting, esepcially as most of the exhibits were in Norweigan!!! We then tried to go to the Polar Bear museum...but it was closed! And at 2pm...everything was closed! So we sat in a cafe, and waited for the 1600 ferry home!
The ferry was very comfortable...until we hit some ice. It was a very odd sensation, because we just stopped, with a sickening crunch, an announcement was made in Norweigan, and then bits of ice floated past. We still seemed to carry on OK, but I think we were a little more cautious! We caught the bus back to the hotel, packed, and were ready to leave!

Saturday went very well...until we realised that our first flight (of 3), was stopping off at Hammerfest on the way! Which meant 4 landings and takeoffs! We met this week's expedition medicine course at the airport, and I luckily got to say another goodbye to Ceri and Ady!! I busied myself with my book, and all was well and good!!
We eventually arrived at Heathrow, and met Harri and Jon...got home...unpacked, and I'm slowly sorting things out infront of The Other Boleyn Girl.

All in all, a very successful trip. I think the first week was much more enjoyable, probably because of the wide variety of people, and huge variety of experiences. More winter activities would be good!

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Date:2009-02-22 17:00

Well, I know I never ever update my livejournal any more, but I thought that it might be a nice place to write this. And, Iæm in Norway, so donæt really have many options!

I have just spent the most wonderful week in Alta, on a polar medicine course. It was truely amazing, and Iæd recommend it to anyone who wants to get incredibly cold!

Day 0
Realised that the plan was leaving on Sunday, not Saturday. Wohoo!!! Gave me a little longer to pack, and to chill! Arrived at Leeds...saw Catherine at the train station. Was still quite on a high from the CCT meeting (surprsingly enough), so chatted, and then trained it all. Arrived home...packed some more...had some fun.
Went to the sailing club for an incredibly tasty film!

Day 1
I left home, and Dad took me to the airport. The journey was surprisingly smooth, although Iæm very glad Dad was there...I didnæt even know which terminal I was going to! We eventually worked out how to check in, and a very scary Norweigan\English police trainer started talking to me. He was a bit intense, so I was glad I could run away and have a cuppa with Dad!!! Went to the departures lounge, and managed to meet a few people also travelling to Oslo, so sat and waited with them. The flight was uneventful, and I read lots of books!
At Oslo, I met a few people who were travelling on the course. They all knew each other, but it was nice to see people. It was interesting to see how easily you could identify people!! I was suprised at how incredibly busy the plane was, but soon settled.

We had a clear view of Alta airport, and the sheet ice landing was amazingly well done. Sean and Piers met us at the airport, instead of the Rica hotel. As I was feeling slightly unsettled, it was great to see friendly faces, especially friendly faces who recognised me! We piled in the mini bus to Ongajok. Luckily I think, the windows were frosted up, and the outside was dark, so I couldnæt see the sheer ice drops, and the narrow roads, and the large bends. I met Karen, a biochemistry SpR from Oxford, and we got on pretty well, which was very lucky as we ended up sharing a room together.

When we arrived at the Mountain Lodge, the first thing I heard was the noisy, forever yapping dogs. The area was very very spacious, and I hate to think how noisy 40 dogs would be in a confined space.

We ate some incredibly tasty Moose Soup, and went to bed incredibly early, as we were all fairly worn out from our travelling!

Day 2
We started off with a brief introduction to working in a cold environment. Looking back, the lecture didnæt really prepare me for the intense cold, but, nothing could have done, except actually getting on with it, and getting cold! We prepared our bags, and launched into our activity groups, ready to go!

My activity group (Me, Jenny, Mike, Paul, Emma, Dan & Kathryn) started off with the cross country skiing. Having been in the presence of anaethetists for three months, I was very concerned that everyone would be an expert skier. I wasnæt wrong, but quickly found that cross country skiing is very different to piste skiing. Tumble after tumble, we eventually started, and ploughed our way along. The scenery was amazing, and we began to appreciate the simplicity, yet helpfulness of the skis, as we trudged along, encouraged and motivated EVERY step of the way by Ceri, an ex-marine, whose cheerfulness never left him. The skiing was very warm work, and I soon ended up warning thermal underwear, a coat, and waterproof trousers only. I'd wear that in the UK! I swiftly resumed my standard position...straggling behind, at the back. But still moving! I was given a pair of seal skinz to wear on the bottom of my ski, to help with the upward traverssing. Suddenly, moving uphils was amazingly easy! It wasnæt so easy downhil, but I was never going to slide down!! Going downhil was difficult. There were trees and hazards every step of the way, and the only way to stop, seemed to be to bang into them!! Turning round wasnæt an option, and it wasnæt easy. Luckily, Ceri wasnæt far away, and he guided me down the hills easily. Eventually we arrived back!

The day was hard work, but very fun. I felt a great sense of achievement when we eventually arrived back. I also felt energised by Ceri, as I felt he really wanted every member of the group to succeed, and learn from the experience. Which I did. There are somethings paper courses can never teach you. For me, I learnt that confidence is key. Accept youære going to fall over, and accept it wonæt hurt because youære so cold everything is frozen! Iæve still not got to the point of trusting myself, but, with a smile, anything can happen.

The day concluded with some lectures on hypothermia and frostbite. Despite the chill to the room, it was (as always) hard for me to stay awake in the lecture!!

After some incredibly tasty moose stew, and some blueberry icecream (the blueberries didnæt die in vain), it was ready to go to bed. The fresh air certainly worked better than any sleeping tablet!!

Day 3
Snow mobiling today! I was quite apprehensive about driving a snowmobile...fears that later proved to be well founded!! I was paired with Mike, an incredibly incredibly tall guy, and off we went! It feels like a more wobbly motorcycle, thatæs quite hard to balance!! Easier than skis though!! We were doing well, until we came to a very icy bend. The snowmobile infront of us got stuck, so we pushed it off, then pushed ours off. Mike went off up the hill, and I hoped he'd meet me at the top, so I trudged forward! Only to not be able to see him! Luckily, Thor, the guide, was around, and I jumped onto his snowmobile. There was nothing to hold on to, and it was an incredibly slippy seat, so I held onto him, knowing that if I fell off, it would be much more painful than a ski injury!!
We stopped near a cabin, and waited for all the group to be ready. Unfortunately...weæd lost one mobile, so they went back to find it. Poor Jenny and Dan had taken a wrong turning, but were found eventually!!
We started off again, and I had a trial of driving. It wasnæt too bad at the front end. Unfortunately, as soon as I started driving...we ran out of fuel. The machine wouldnæt start. Oops. The group re-collected at the top of the hill, and Mike and Thor went back to get a new machine and some more fuel, whilst Ben taught us how to make fires in the snow. Ben is a Polar Nurse, and has loads of experience. It was nice having Ben with us, as we knew if anything disasterous happened, he'd sort it out pretty quickly!

Eventually, we carried on. I had another trial at driving, and we drove into a snow drift. Oops. The skidoo was stable, but tipped onto its side, so I slipped off (planned)! Luckily, reliable Ben was behind us, and helped us move on. Mike took over driving, and we were doing really well, until a few minutes later...the skiidoo tipped over completely onto its side. It landed on my ankle, and theyære pretty heavy things! Ben and Thor helped right the skidoo, and we were on our merry way again.
When you've seen what can go wrong, I donæt think it makes it any less frightening. The skidoos don't balence well, go pretty fast, and are very heavy. There's a lot of metal to land on top of you!
We saw some amazing views, and stopped in a little cabin for some drink. It was quite nice - in a little cabin in the moddle of no-where there was a good wood burning stove, and some saws ready for chopping stuff. You'd survive in a blizzard if you had to!!

After surviving the snowmobile experience, we went and tried snow shoeing. This I found a lot easier, as it was just walking!! We walked a bit, then practiced using the stoves and having a cup of tea, then walked back! It was incredibly cold standing around waiting for the stoves to boil, and it started to make me a bit more worried about what might happen...

We had some fish crumble/pie, and some chicken stew with an aniseedy fruit salad, nicely followed by some pre-expedition planning, altitude medicine, and a few thoughts from Ben, who worked in Antarctica.

The day was fun, but a lot less satisfying than the cross Country. You can enjoy the landscape, but you can't talk, and you're not really achieving anything by yourself. Getting from A to B is much more enjoyable if there is a challenge involved. As frightened as I was of falling when skiing, I was immensely more terrified on the skidoo, and felt much more isolated. The potential for group separation and accidents, was actually a lot higher.

Day 4, part 1
Day four we spent in the delightful company of Sarah and Anna, the dog sledding girls. We met the incredibly noisy dogs, fed them, and started to harness them up. They were persistent wrigglers, and didnæt seem to like being harnessed up! The sleds were a lot smaller and more simple than I had imagined, but it was all good fun.

Typically, as soon as weæd gone round the first corner, I fell off. Iæd like to think it was because the sled got caught on a corner, and as I was trying to navigate it round, all my weight wasnæt on the brake. Hey ho. Sarah picked up up on her sled, and we found my sled.

Carnage. Many of the girls were on heat. Sleds were too close together, and the dogs got into a tangled mess. Then, two of the dogs started having sex. Once they'd started, we had to wait, in a chaotic mess, for 15min, for them to finish!! By the end of the week, there were atleast 4 dogs who may have been pregnant! We started trundling along, and every muscle in my body ached with the effort of balening half on the ski, and half on the brake, ready to slow the dogs down. Eventually, I trusted the dogs enough, and had two feet on the ski...and life got a lot more easy, and I began to enjoy the ride!

We had lunch, and then travelled back. It was incredibly cold and bitter going over the ice, and my poor dogs were shattered. They found it hard to keep up with the dogs in front, which made it even harder as we were ploughing into the bitter wind for a lot longer.

Going up the hills was frightening...going down was a lot lot worse! The dogs managed amazingly well, and, it was on the last bridge that I fell off. Oops. I was uninjured, luckily, but my dogs were nowhere to be seen! Emma, who was the only person left behind me, picked me up, and we chased my dogs! Until then, my poor dogs had been knackered, barely moving at all. But, they soon raced past! Luckily, Anna had picked them up, and they were safe.

Eventually, we were back, and the dogs were de-harnessed and we had some nice warm tea and a nice warm shower, in a lovely round shower! Then it was time to be briefed/terrified about the next 36hours. I was very frightened about the snow holes, and thought they would be very claustrophobic! They bribbed us with bear moussaka, and apple jelly and it was time to go!!

The dog sledding was fun, and proved that once you relax, and trust the things that have been done before, everything gets a lot easier. As a group, everyone will help each other.

Day 4-part two
This was the beginning of the end! 36hours away from base. Anything could happen!! We started off in our expedition groups. The groups swiftly fell apart, and we all just plodded along as best as we could. Some skiied, and some snow shoed. After my challenging day with the skis before, I decided that snow shoeing was the way forward, and was very glad I had made that decision!

We ploughed on, moving past the amazing Northern Lights, and arrived at our Lavuus. We were the last group to arrive, and the tents were pretty cool! One tent had decided to have a fire, one had decided not to, and I jumped into the 'cold tent', and I thought it would be an experience! What I wasn't ready for, was the cold atmosphere. There wasn't a lot of space in the tent, and eeveryone was so busy unpacking, that I could only wait just inside the door, terrified that I was actually going to have to sleep outside. A few times I asked people to move round, but everyone was so intent on themselves, and all the nice people were too far away, that it was hard!

I think it was Ceri who came in to see how we were doing, and I couldnæt cope anymore, and was removed from the tent to have an emotional warm up in the staff tent! Everyone looked after me very well ;). Karen came and got me, and she had sorted everything out, so I had a comfy sleeping place. Everyone went to bed. Just like that! It was a bit of a disappointment that the whole night was so empty, and there was no emotional support for anyone. Throughout the night you could hear the 'warm tent' giggling and laughing, and the staff laughing. It made me sad, mainly because I'd voluntarily chosen to be in the cold tent, and had put myself in a bad position.

Temperature wise, I wasn't that cold, but I was wearing every piece of clothing I owned! It was an awful night's sleep though (slightly better after a toilet visit!!) because the ground was so lumpy!

Day 5
We were nicely woken up at about 6, and most of our group wondered what we were going to do for two hours, until we set off at 8. Slowly everyone surfaced, and started packing their things away. I asked a few times who had the stove, and then gave up! And then asked a bit later. Eventually, we got a stove boiling, and then eventually, another, and eventually, had some water to rehydrate our breakfast. The dehydrated porridge was actually amazingly yummy.

We set off on our quest to find somewhere to dig snow holes. It was very very hard work. The soft snow was tricky to move up, even with snow shoes on,and the ski-ers found it very tough. I found it hard to balance with the backpack on my back, especially as the waist clip was missing. We kinda motivated each other. Surprisingly, I didnæt finish at the end, but waited for the others, and fed them chocolate biscuits. It was interesting to see how people responded to people being slow. Some paced around waiting for them, prefering to 'do circuits' than help. Some walked with them, verbally motivating. Some carried their rucksucks, making it a more even footing. Some, like me, ignored them, as we were having enough of a challenge getting ourselves up the hill!

As we neared the skidoo track, we saw a very welcome Piers, on hand with words of encouragement, and skidoos. He carried a few packs up on the skidoos. It was heartening to see that most people weren't quite ready to give up entirely, prefering to make it easier for themselves by getting rid of a sack, rather than catching a skidoo ride up to the snow hole site.

Eventually, we made it up to the skiidoos. Several people had given up, interestingly not the people who were at the back, but most people made it up there, ready to dig the snow holes! Luckily, Matt, in our group, had dug a snow hole before, and was like a mini machine! I think it was nearly done by the time we got there! Eventually, we boiled the water, and had some dehydrated food for lunch...which was yummy!!! We finished our snow holes, and congregated by the fire. Then, had dinner, and went to bed at about 9pm, as there was nothing else to do! We bonded and photgraphed nicely before hand!

There was a huge variety in the snow holes! 1&2 had a connecting hole (ours), but we couldn't hear much in between them. 3 was long and thin, and apparently not very comfortable. 4 was a little triangular entrance, and 5 was just like a cave!!

I had a very good night's sleep, but did, again, need the loo in the middle of the night. I foolishly decided that I'd be quick, so not to thermal, or shoe up. I ran out of the door, and found that already, the snow had formed quite a slope. I quickly peeed, but was quite concerned that the wind and the snow might make it difficult to get back in to the snow hole! I made it, brushed off the ice, and popped back into bed. That was the huge advantage of the ice - if you brushed it off before bed, everything was fine! I donæt think I brushed my feet off adequately, so they got a little chilly- the old saying is proved - if you can be bothered to be bothered, everything is easier.

Day 6
We were woken up by a happy staff member. We later found out that their stove had stopped working, so they'd had a freezing cold night, whilst we were all nice and warm and yummy! We drank from our stove, packed up, and prepared for our descent down the mountain.

The wind chill was immense, and little tiny bits of icey snow were being thrown at us everywhere. It made it hard, but we managed! The descent was tricky, but the backenders kept together, and helped each other out. Dave took my snow shoes off me, and I followed his footsteps. Made me feel like Good King Wenslases's page!!! We eventually got back to the lodge, spurred on by the smell of the bacon frying. Yum yum!! We had a shower, returned all the equipment, and generally chilled out.

Not everyone was quite so sensible! We all trecked to the frozen river where Ady and Ceri had cut a hole in the ice, ready for people to jump into, and swim across. Everyone managed it quite nicely. I decided not to have a go, as sailing is quite cold enough!!!! So I took photos of everyone instead!

At about 1600, we had a trip to the ice hotel. It was very very very chilly! But it was nice to see it!

We had some more moose, and some cloudberry soup, and lots of chatting. A few people were leaving at 0600 to catch their plane, so bed time wasn't that late. The last few people were just leaving to go to bed, when Sean collared us, and we went to have whisky with Ceri and Ady!! And then had a good night's sleep.

Day 7
I got up at six to see Karen, my room mate off, and then packed, and read lots of books, and had a very very jolly time! We had a nice relaxed breakfast. Most of us weren't catching planes home, so were very relaxed, and didn't really want to leave when the minibus was ready to take us away!

We left at 10, full of experience and wonder.

Nick's photos

Pier's Write Up
The rest of the time in Norwa

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Date:2007-07-31 21:16

Well, I have an official ID badge saying Dr Charlotte Davies! How terrifying! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

Twas a boring induction, but slightly freaky having to provide sample signatures!

Came to Dan and Dawns for tea- twas nice catching up with people. They gave me tea while I waited for Annelise to be ehome!

First proper day tomrorow...

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Date:2007-07-26 16:36
Subject:Freshers Fayre

Leeds University Freshers’ Week had a whole new ring to it this year when LUSCR invited the Lichfield Mobile Belfry to visit the Freshers’ Fair. Tired of many years of sitting in a dark hall and attempting to persuade new students that ringing really was fun, we decided to bring the bells to them and let people see for themselves.

After many months of hard work, especially by Kerri Andrews, the day itself finally dawned and we gathered on campus at 8:30, an hour when any self-respecting student should still be in bed sleeping off their hangover. Here we met Phil and Ro, the managers of the belfry, whose kind donation towards their own costs had ensured that we could afford to stage such an event.

Just over an hour later we were ready to go (after a bacon sandwich, of course). To begin with people simply walked past looking confused but once the team began ringing call changes we soon had a small crowd of interested people. Thanks to several local ringers taking time off work (as well as students avoiding lectures) we had four experienced people to teach newcomers. This ensured that no one had to wait too long.

It was interesting to hear some of the varied misconceptions that people had about ringing. One person wanted to know if we had to do arm exercises to strengthen the muscles and another person walked quickly away protesting that she was the wrong religion. However much we stressed the all-inclusive nature of LUSCR she would not back down.

Despite this, however, we certainly attracted a lot of interest and there was hardly a quiet moment in the six hours that the belfry was operational. We even had a visit from BBC Look North and the Leeds Weekly News!

In-between teaching LUSCR managed to ring some more advanced methods. Our touches of Plain Bob and Cambridge Minor were well received by the passing students and lecturers (being in the centre of campus they couldn’t really miss us). We even succeeded in coaching a lady who had not rung for six years to try some rounds and call changes.

We had anticipated people being unwilling to continue learning to ring amongst a crowd of (relative) experts and so we had organised a special beginners’ session the following week. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as well attended as we’d hoped, possibly because our tower (St. Matthias, Burley) is quite a distance from the university. We have had a discussion about what could be improved, so if we repeat the exercise, it will be perfect! We are, however, very pleased to welcome John and Theo to the band (John being so entranced by the miniature belfry that he kept coming back for more).

We asked everyone who had a go on the belfry for a small donation, with everything going towards our fund for replacing Burley’s ancient wheels. Thanks to some very generous contributions from old friends we managed to raise the grand total of (INSERT AMOUNT!). This goes towards the previous sums raised through the silly hat walk and several kind donations from Ringing World readers. The hire cost of the belfry was met through donations on the day, a grant from the union, and Phil and Ro’s personal contribution.

Everyone involved with the event thoroughly enjoyed themselves and (once you got used to the difference in weight) the bells were a pleasure to ring. We certainly succeeded in raising the profile of ringing amongst the students and lecturers; any mention of LUSCR over the following few weeks was met with comments along the lines of “Oh, you were the ones with those cute little bells…”.

To check on LUSCR’s fundraising progress, please feel free to visit our website www.luscr.org.uk/leeds or email leeds@luscr.org.uk.

Dot Connellan

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Date:2007-07-26 16:31
Subject:Dinner 2004

A tower grab itinerary taking in four very different towers in West Yorkshire, lunch in a beautiful pub, and an evening of posh nosh, a ceilidh, and specially bought-in real ale was what awaited past and present members of LUSCR on Saturday 13th November.

Beginning at Keighley on a cold and crisp late autumn morning, around two dozen hardy souls attended the start of the traditional dinner day grab. Attendances at Bingley, the new ring at Saltaire and Idle were equally good, despite the various and sometimes combined surprises of Yorkshire tails and muffles.

Better was yet to come. As night drew in, the Crown Plaza Hotel in Leeds saw nearly 70 alumni and current members of Leeds student ringing society arrive for a delicious three course meal. They were then treated to a speech by Andrew Aspland, captain of nearby Leeds Parish Church and Yorkshire Association Ringing Master. A warning was sounded to all those intending to post embarrassing family pictures on the internet, as Mr Aspland took great pleasure in making LUSCR’s current president, Charlotte Davies, blush.

Aided by a keg of fine real ale (and several bottles of wine), the dance floor rapidly filled as the ceilidh band wound themselves for two hours of extremely energetic, and sometimes chaotic, dancing. With the help the band’s caller, most of the steps were mastered quickly, though the odd dance found more participants laughing than dancing.

As the festivities came to a close, we were able to appreciate one of the most successful dinners in recent years. With more than a 50% increase in attendance on the previous year, around £400 was added to LUSCR’s belfry repairs appeal. Proceeds from a raffle, the real ale, a sweepstake on the length of the president’s speech (which was a very respectable 9 minutes 11 seconds) and a excellent profit on the dinner itself have all been put towards the current target of raising enough money for 7 new wheels.

As the last taxis rolled away from the hotel in the early hours of Sunday, everyone involved with LUSCR was looking forward to next year’s dinner. Even if the president does make us get up for Sunday morning ringing after 5 hours sleep. Again.

Kerri Andrews

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Date:2007-07-26 16:28
Subject:LUSCR Christmas Party 2005

Christmas Party 2005

The first term of the 2005/06 year was coming to an end, and Christmas was nearly upon us. The party had to happen, and Jen’s house was the venue.

The evening began slowly and with lots of food, and more and more drinking. The general formula with this, as any LUSCR social, is eat, drink and be merry, and we did all three in abundance. And, as it was Christmas, we even played party games and did Secret Santa. And many amusing or silly things were said (see the quotes page when I give the bits of paper to Webmaster), and most of us got wet when a rather merry Zoe started pelting people with the water bombs Santa gave her.

Jen’s housemates got a little cross with the fact that people were in the house being noisy and flushing the loo and other things, so it was decided to move to Jon’s house (as it is only just down the road) at about midnight, and drinking even continued there.

A trip to the bottle bank was needed to get rid of all of the bottles that got drunk at the party. Oops. And there’s still chocolate brownie embedded in the lounge carpet, Daniel!!!!!!

By Jen

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Date:2007-07-25 16:31

Well, now finals are over, and I'm tying up all the loose ends before starting work, I thought I'd finish my scrap book with live journal entries.

So...what's been happening since January?

Well, I went back to Leeds and, as expected, found Huddersfield absolutely awful. It was made a little better by my faintastic group.

On the 13th I went on a 3 bell grab, which ws fun, although I felt very much the worst ringer. I managed to break the edging on one of the sinks, so stuck it back together with my chewing gum! I then went tosee Aladdin with Mikey which was nice...except everyone seemed to think I was his girlfriend!

On the 19th, I taught the Brownies first aid, and was observed. How long does it take to become an SJA trainer?!?!?

On the 25th I went to see the Dirty Dancing preview with Lucy. Itwas nice to see it, but the DVD is just as good! The goodie bag was immensely random!

The 26th was the LUSCR Christmas Party. All went vaguely well. Until...I put all the £1 presents inside Ada's bean bag. And Theo tipped it over my head. There are *still* beans everywhere! Still, it made for a memorable party! Annelise got very wasted, and many many people pulled. Some more su ccessfully than others. I managed to be at clinical skills the next morning ready for a FA+ session though! And then went to Harrogate for some ringing.

The ECS exam on the 30th went quite well considering. All the examiners seemed vagully happy, and everyone passed!

We went to the LMSU Wokmania social. Mum and Harri came too- I wonder if they appreciated it!!

On the 9th, the ceilidhing started with a ceilidh at St Chads! Then another one on the 17th, this time with Tracey.

The 18th was the LUSCR Spring Clean. And it took forever. Loads of people were completely useless, but we blitzed the tower! Then Becca and I went to Ikea for mats and a rug. Then Lucy bought the new carpet over, so the 3 of us laid the carpet. And didn't finsih for absolutely ages! An exhuasting day! But they appreciated it at Yeeds for the quarter on the Monday!

The 20th was unusual because we had pancakes with Danny and Dawn...not at my house! Dawn was very organised though- unlike me.

On the 24th, Tracey and I gave it a go fencing. We really really enjoyed it, and found it really fun, but they didn't respond to our emails, so we decided to give joining fencing a miss.

The 26th was the LUSCR curry- we said we'd have plenty more...but I'm still waiting!

The 3rd was the LSUCR high vis pub crawl. After a revision session, this wasn't really what I felt in the mood for...but got there eventually! Many pubs later...I made it home. Ready for an SD session on the Sunday :s

Eventually on the 12th I handed over the LUSCR reigns. I hope LUSCR thrives. I have given so much to LSUCR, and still am, that I really hope everyone continues to dedicate 110% to it.

For some reason, Harri stayed at Bradford on her way to Newcastle, so I had a luxurious Hilton stay. More luxurious than the student accomodation at Harrogate!

I tried to cut down what I was doing in April, ready for exams. We had an intensive revision schedule planned...

The 11th was Lucy's birthday party at Cas. It was a pleasent evening, but one of those where you don't feel as though you made any difference whether you were there or not.

The 14th was Rachel's pancake party. Her flat was ideally situated...above the river. We managed to toss pancakes over the balcony...loose one...then rescue it. Rachel managed to get one into the river!

19th April- writtens :s 20th April- writtens followed by pizza :D
24th April- OSCE 25th April - OSCE. Tears

Then Ipicked up the keys for the church hall, we had Nandos, then went out.

26th and 27th I did the most boring duty ever for Leeds Met.

The 28th April was my end of exams party. I spent most of Saturday cooking, tidying and preparing, and eventually, we arrived at the hall and sorted everything out. Then, the party finished, all to quickly, and we came back to my house. I tidied up some left over food, and we partied! Includding going to the park! Lucy and Ed were going to sleep in the kitchen...I wouldn't let them because then none of the rooms in the house would be safe. I got up fairly early to take people to the station, did some tidying up, went ringing, tidied everything else up, and then Lucy returned to 'help'. I drove home, and let the home madness begin.

I taught a 1-1 first aid course for my bro, which is actually surprisingly hard! Although twas a swanky location! I tried not to finish too early, but it's really hard to do! Sail Past was the normal chaoticness. Then I went back to Leeds for camping.

On the 14th we started the boredom of shadowing. I like the hospital though, and the people I will be working with.

The Boyfriend was a good show, but really short. The striking competition was fun, and Tiddy's party was interesting. I went to see Good Charlotte live! It was really really fun :)

On the 24th, I cooked a posh nosh for everyone. They seemed to like it, so I must have done a good job :) Then I went home on the 25th for Harri's party. I felt really out of place there, until Matt broke his thumb so I had to take him to A&E!

I skived some of PRHO shadowing to go and have a look at lots of hotels with Becca. We had a great time. Ish. I rang a few 1/4s, went out,had fun.

The fun of shadowing continued, and they got even moremardy about everything. I managed to take an evening off to go and see HMS Pinafore, and be on time for my personal tutor. Then we went to Download...

Download Festival
Went well. My car was packed to the hilt with food and stuff. I left on Friday, everyone went on shift, I unpacked, then put up the remaining tents. Eventually everyone arrived. Rob hadn't bought the BBQ as he didn't have room, but we managed! I left, in time for a work session on the Monday. Luckily Rich told me it was starting early...

Then on the 13t I went to see Whorehouse- no way is that a family drama!

The 14th was the last day of shadowing, and results. Whoopdedoo. We went out for ameal, and then to Bar Risa, and had fun! Fri, Sat and Sun was a very muddy and boring first aid duty at O2. Saturday night was a veyr sleepless Brownie sleepover- but then, what did I expect?

Monday we had a very good give it a go session. Some of the Brownies came along :)

At the end of June...political move..I taught 2 days of FAW for County, and then moved out on the Wednesday. I was so not ready! But I arrived home :)

Has been spend at home. Sort of. The 30th was Open Day. Then T in the Park. Shrek 3. Then Opera and Party. Work. Visiting Rachel. Harry Potter. Graduation. Collecting money at Sainsuburys. Going sailing. Odd bits really.

And of course, my red bumps are erythema nodosum. So logically...I've got sarcoidosis. Of course!

The Golden Road- L.M. Montgomery
Little Men
Memoirs of an unfitm other
The Art of Murder- Jose Carlos Somoza
Lesley Pearse- till we meet again - the effects of the past...
Women of No Account- Betty Burton
David MOrrell- long lost -brother one
Anagrams- Lorrie Moore
Gods in Alabama- Joshilyn Jackson
The Good Wife- Elizabeth Buchan
Freya North- Cat
Down to Earth,Year of the Cornflake volume One, Faith Addis
Come together- Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees
The Memory Box- Margaret Forster
Peny Vincenzi-= An Outrageous Affair
Penny Vencenzi - Into Temptation
Shopaholic and Baby
Lyn Andrews- Every Mother's Son
The Power of Dreams- Rosie Harris
Myst: The book of atrus
Lazy ways to make a living- Abigail Bosanko
Beauty at the Beast - book of the Disney Story
I am Mary Tudor- Hilda Lewis

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Date:2007-07-25 15:52
Subject:The Lakes

After our finals on the 11th- 13th June we all thought we deserved a break! So, before shadowing started, we decided to have a lake trip.

We left our house on Friday, all hunky doory, everything fitted in the cars, and all was well. Ada and Pete drove to the petrol station then...uh oh. Pete's car stopped right in the middle of the petrol station. It was right in the way of everything, especially the big lorry trying to escape! We entertained ourselves, reading Autorepair for dummies, and other such things! Eventually the RAC turned up, and sorted the problem temporarily. We drove to my house and loaded up my car, then departed for the lakes!

We managed to overshoot the campsite, but eventually got there, and put the tents up. They went up very quickly, despite the incredibly rocky ground requiring the car jack to be used as a mallet! We wandered to Windermere, and wandered a bit more. We had some dinner in a Tapas restaurent, then I heard bells ringing...so went and had a ring!!! We went back to the tent for some tea and tasty things.

Saturday we had a nice long walk. We walked quite far, but it wasn't without arguments on the way! Pete overestimated our speed, but we were all happy to continue! Helen didn't want to stop for lunch until we'd reached the highest point, but Ada was starving, and we didn't want to split the group up. In the end, Ada put up with just a cookie. The walk was very good, but just proves how very unfit I am!

After the walk we returned to the campsite for a BBQ. Helen and I had a bit of time on the playground (cool zip wire!) before it started raining, and then we went back to the tent.

Eventually, we all went to bed. At about 4, Helen woke me up because she thought she could hear something inside the tent! After much fretting, I moved the zips up to the top, and peered out. I couldn't see an animal, but could see some carrier bags. I moved those so we were'nt touching them with our feet. We could still hear something though, so only fretfully slept.

We woke up, and put plan boys into action! The three of us went and took the back tent poles out. The tent didn't collapse quite enough, so Ada and Helen removed the front tent poles. And it collapsed! But they still stayed in the tents! We returned to our tent and acted all surprised. They weren't fooled though! I helped Pete put the tent back up...but Dan managed to stay asleep! Not quite sure how he managed that!

We loaded allthe stuff into my car, and I left bright and early, ready to go on duty at the marathon. The traffic was so rubbish that I arrived really really late and there wasn't much point at all. By the time I returned to my house, everyone had gone except Helen, so I dropped her, and some of the stuff off. Then, like a fool, went ringing at Yeeds.

It was a very nice camping trip, and definately needs repeating soon!

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Date:2007-03-07 23:56

Well, Dad is coming to visit (I'm on the way to Newcastle!), and I'll be giving him most of my books to take home, so thought I should write them down before they go!!!

Since my last list, I've read many books. It looks like a lot, until you realise I only read them to help me get to sleep!

Shattered = Mavis Marsh
A very optimistic book about how the love and devotion of parents can help improve prognosis. Not very well written, but very emotional.

Re-inventing Tara= Lennox Morrison
I liked the association game! Maybe it'd stop eating me smarties!

Almost A Crime = Penny Vincenzi
This was one of those books that I really couldn't put down! I think I'm beginning to see the difference between an Aga Saga and a good book. This was a good book, because it wouldn't let me put it down, because I wanted to see how the story developed, not just because it made me feel good!

Paridise House = Erica James
Nothing special. But it is nice to think that Holiday Romances do work eventually!

Mixed Doubles = Jill Mansell
Nice to know that true love may appear at 35! A very readable book, but I don't like books that deliberately omit details. It's one thing being deliberately misleading, but another not saying stuff!

Recipies for a Perfect Marriage = Kate Kerrigan
Wierd. Readable, but I kept wanting to bash heads together!

Border Crossing = Pat Barker
Tried to hard I think, but was a good insight into the difficulties psychiatrists must have in dealing with crime. And how clever criminals can be.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator = Roald Dahl
How have I never read this?!?!? Fantastic!!!

Judith Michael = Inheritance
Another easy to read book. I like books with twists in, that give you enough clues to try and decipher this book. Twas a little sugary sweet, but showed you that you can get most of what you want if you work hard enough at it.

Blackberry Wine= Joanne Harris
Much better than Chocolat! I really like this, it was fairly different. Told from the perspective of a bottle of wine, I thought it showed how perspective is everything!

Return to Oz= Joan D Vinge
I liked this less when I realised it was written based on the film! Not sure why!!! I enjoyed it, because everything that happened was as a child would do. I have some powder that makes people come alive...and a sofa. Hmm, lets tie the gump head to the sofa, with some palm tree wings, and fly!!!

A long way from Heaven = Sheelagh Kelly
Another ruined Irish potato crop story, but this one focussed more on the problems of living in England, which was an interesting perspective. Fairly saga=esq I'd have said!

Does Cheese and Onion count? No? How about Kumar and Clark?!!?

Hmm, I was going to backdate this entry, but that doesn't seem to be an option any more!!! A proper entry will appear after finals!

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Date:2007-01-10 21:04
Mood: happy

Well, I promised myself I'd update my journal more often, so, seeing as I have ten minutes until the chocolate cake is due out of the oven, I thought an entry was called for!

Lecture week was thrilling. As always, I fell asleep. So much asleep that I didn't bother going in on Friday. Apparently there was a discussion between two of the lecturers- shame I missed it :s.

Danny came round, and sorted out the LMSU videos and the cupboard door. Ben and Felicity popped round with Alex- he's still so tiny! Ed popped round to collect his car. Carl popped round for a *very* lengthy LMSU meeting. It's all a mess!! But never mind. Lucy came for tea on Sunday which was nice, as I really really miss tea with Lucy. It's just not the same with anyone else!

Monday I started in Huddersfield. It wasn't as bad as I'd remembered, and all the doctors are really really nice. The canteen was actually open (shock, horror!) and served a really yummy scrummy ginger cake! I got back in plenty of time to measure clapper balls. It was quite tricky really. And the results I've got don't seem to be very logical, but Big Wilf was happy with them! I finished measuring in plenty of time ring an awful quarter of Bob Triples. But, it was Ruth's first ever quarter, and Louise's second, and first triples, so we did pretty well really! And, it improved and was actually nice ringing by the last 15-20mins! I should say at this point, that of course my ringing was not perfect!

Yesterday I took some blood for the first time for ever! The vein was a bit dubious, but I still got it- yay! I need more practice, but no-one ever seems to need blood taking when I'm around! I went for tea with Sarah, which was lovely. We watched my Andrew Lloyd Webber DVD, and she agrees with me- 'Love Changes Everything' was much more of a finale than the finale which came three songs later!

I've had today off, as the consultant is on holiday, and, don't feel I've made good use of it. But hey, never mind. I've sorted out a QP band for Monday- that's job enough for me! The first YACR subs came in, so I've paid those in! David S has emailed me a list of discrepancies in the accounts, starting in 2002. I was only membership secretary in 2005, and since then, the accounts balance perfectly! The evil witch...

Huddersfield again...joyous rapture.

I have read two books since my last update - The Favoured Child and Fallen Skies, both by Phillipa Gregory. Fallen Skies wasn't a true historical novel as I expected, but it was interesting. The true horror of war isn't really discernable until you've experienced it. Only yesterday my consultant was talking about the number of Pine Trees that have been chopped down in Iraq because the resistance are hiding behind them- there's lots of sadness there. I can't understand why anyone would want to enter the armed forces. I know they are essential, but why??

My hoody sleeves have lost all their elasticity :(. On an up note, I found another Barclaycard that I'd lost a few years ago. I'd already cancelled it, so all is good! Both lost cards have now been found, so I haven't really lost any at all!!

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Date:2007-01-01 23:01
Subject:New Year's Day/Eve
Mood: happy

So, Ed and Mikey came over. We ate some food. Played some dancemate, twister, random questions. Drank some beer. Then rang a marvellous 1/4 of Shipping Forecast Singles at Burley. We started at 2352, and finished about 38mins later, so I've rung a 1/4 in two different years! How very exciting. Half way through I got distracted by the board saying 'give Charlotte scabies'- someone had altered Becca's note which originally said 'give Charlotte apologies'. Charming. My first 3 bell 1/4 (and first a few other types of 1/4 too...).

Then, later on today, we attempted an 8 bell 1/4! Jon, Helen, Robbo, Mikey, 3 Ladds and I rang Grandsire Triples. There were some nice bits. And some awful bits. Like where I was trying not to sneeze so got lost. But, in the end, I'd swapped over with someone, so it wasn't proper. I've rung one triples on the treble, and one inside. Mikey kept me right. This time, Robbo attempted to keep me right... (As did a few other people). Where would I be without the Childs brothers. Haha. But, I'll record it anyway:

Grandsire Triples
1. Michael Childs
2. Catherine Ladd
3. Charlotte Davies
4. Helen Twigg
5. Jonathan Ladd
6. Alan Ladd
7. Robert Childs
8. Jonathon Glahome


And my hands are paying for it :'(. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much ringing. Just the way I like it really!!!!

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Date:2006-12-31 17:58
Subject:51 books read this year :s

Well, as it's nearly 2007, I thought I should finish off my report of 2006! Luckily...there's not much more to write about!

Saturday I went to a grown up party at the sailing club. Twas mostly sailing club people, and luckily James came and took me home, just before I got fed up with people completely!

Sunday was the Goose pub trip. Cunningly, we picked JimmyT up on the way, so I wasn't sitting in the pub by myself!!! Haha, a plan. It closed at half ten, so Jimmy and I walked to Penge- the others got a lift/the bus. It didn't take too long, and gave me a chance to have an ickle bit of tea. Penge was good- they sold Spitfire :).

Christmas wasn't so bad. Gran's drink things in the morning, then Christmas afternoon tea. In true Davies/Twyman style, we had budgie brain fights, fires, and lots of noise! Monopoly painted on the table was a genious idea, even if I don't like playing Monopoly!

The Boxing Day sail was incredibly well supported. I didn't sail, as it was cold wet and generally minging. I made Alanah and Zoe sail my Mirror though! Haha.

Thursday I went to see the Enchanted Pig with Georgina, her family, and Tom's family. It was a wierd play/opera thing, but quite entertaining! Some people will do a lot for love won't they!

Saturday I managed to actually socialise! Rebecca came here, then I met Haz in Bluewater, then went to Rachel's house. Twas nice to catch up with everyone.

Today I drove up to Leeds. It took about 3 - 3 1/2 hours which is an excellent trip! So now I'm in Leeds, installed ready for the New Year. There was a very bad smell in the house when we arrived...we decided it was spilt milk that was decaying. Interesting.

Happy New Year All!


Katie Flynn- The Liverpool Rose was very readable but nothing spectacular.
Colette Caddle- Too Little Too Late was pretty much the same. There's loads of books about how divorcees do a lot better without their husbands.
Jonathan Kellerman- The Web was strange. The plot was intriguing, but mentioned spiders too much, but I think I prefer crime books when you have a chance of realising what the twist is.
Ballet Shoes by Noel Stretfield is just a classic. Sometimes, I'd love to be a dancer, and earn some money. But then I remember that I can't dance!

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Date:2006-12-24 00:57
Subject:6th October -> 23rd December...
Mood: lethargic

Well, once again, it has been a long time since I last updated my journal. Many people feel that reminiscing is pointless, but, I enjoy looking back. If I so wanted, my livejournal would tell me what I was doing this time in 2001. And, doesn't take up as much space as written diaries! (And private entries are password encrypted, rather than merely secreted away!) So, here is what I've been up to...

My Thrilling LifeCollapse )

Books ReadCollapse )

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Date:2006-11-06 11:11
Subject:The NUA
Mood: happy

NUA in WarwickCollapse )

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Date:2006-10-06 23:07
Mood: lonely

So the 8th August was my last proper proper post? And even then I missed out a week?

Snippets of my life...Collapse )

Books I have readCollapse )

If you haven't got facebook, Facebook me!! Facebook users- this entry will be automatically imported from my live journal, so sorry it's so long! I can't hide it behind l-j cut tags!

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Date:2006-09-13 19:08
Subject:Proms and Stuff

The Weekend

Well, on jolly Thursday, I departed Portsmouth for the joys of Leeds. I arrived, donated blood, met Tracey- all was well. I met Rob at the station (you just missed him Trace!) and we went out for dinner, then went to ringing. Everyone at ringing had seen my RW article- except me! And Steve kept making me ring, so that I couldn't read it! So that was all good! We got home, and I opened the cupboard to find...devastation. True evidence of vermin. Aaaaargh! Not nice! So Rob poured Caustic Soda down the back of the cupboard to see if that would help! More sensibly, I sorted the cupboard out on Friday!

Friday saw me at the Robbie Williams concert in Leeds. All was good- saw some interesting cases, and had a great time! Robbie seems a little stuck up though- rumour has it he requested that his entrance tunnel should be repainted as he didn't like the colour! 9 schools were closed. And the traffic was immense. So I didn't get home until 0130- a little later than planned, oops!

Saturday I wizzed back down to London, and met M-J. Kings Cross was a nightmare, so we escaped as quickly as we could! We grabbed many cups of tea, and some lunch in Hyde Park. Note- if you are in Hyde Park, and want a cup of tea, the little shop, next to the ice cream shop is best! We then went to the Proms in the Park! Wohoo!!!! Ken Bruce is awful! The Madness tribute band were rubbish. Chas and Dave were hillarious. The opera singers were patchy... But we had a good time! When Lionel Ritchie came on we felt a little out of place! It was obvious everyone else had only come to see him! So then was a good time for a toilet break! Loads of people left once he'd finished, which was good, as we could get nearer the front! Then the Proms classics began! Very emotional! Timeless! I love the Proms :). We then had to run rapidly past peopel to get the last tube that got us to London Bridge intime for the last train home. We ended up getting picked up from Dartford, as Mum decided it was easier than waiting a few hours for us!

Sunday we went ringing at Dartford (early start) which was...interesting, and then Crayford. I felt we made a difference at Crayford as there was only 5people, including us! Nice bells though! We then had some breakfast and M-J left! I went down to the sailing club for the cadet weekend. I sailed with Charlotte- she's doing really well! We managed to collide with another boat. I still say it's their fault as much as mine! But Freedom, the brand new Sailability wayfarer now has a hole right through her front buoyancy tank. Oops. Brian and John have fixed it though!

Monday morning 6am...back to Portsmouth!

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Date:2006-08-18 02:06
Mood: sleepy

Maybe one of these days I'll do a proper post...

A while ago, Ed gave me a newspaper cutting containing details of a Phantom themed meal, to be held at Harvey Nichols. I was really really excited, but couldn't book any ticets as I wasn't sure what my elective plans were. As soon as my elective plans were confirmed, I rang up to book some tickets...only to find that they had sold out! Still, I was put on the reserve list...

On Friday, someone rang me up- I'd made it onto the final list :)

We turned up, looking our best in raincoats. We were slightly disappointed to find we were the only vaguely dressed up people...

Then even more disappointed with the slow service. So much that we crossed the discretionary 10% service charge off the bill. We could have very easily walked out without paying- they didn't seem to want to give us the bill! It was very tempting...especially as the only details of us they had was my phone number!

The food was good -very posh! Just slow to arrive. The film was great...once it started! The audio is funny, and they refused to listen to us to sort it out. We're experts in Phantom, honestly! The lights kept going on and off annoyingly, but I still managed to get engrossed!

The toilets were in Harvey Nichols, so we were allowed to go in, after hours, and basically look round any floor unescorted, should we wish too!

We went to the rub a dub dub afterwards, but Spoons was closed!! Yates was really quiet, and we got thrown out at just gone 11. Disappointing!

But it was good food, and an excellent film :) :)

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Date:2006-08-08 23:35

3months in the life of CharlotteCollapse )

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Date:2006-06-17 23:22
Subject:Download Festival
Mood: indescribable

The Download Festival

Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2006-05-05 23:39

21st March - 5th May. Wow, a whole month without l.j.!


Well, did I mention I'm LUSCR President? I wasn't really excpecting it, indeed when it went to the vote I still wasn't sure. But it was so, and it's fun! Not too stressed about it yet- the committe seems keen, and I think we'll do a jolly good job!

I went on a geeky three bell grab with Mikey. It was quite fun, although I really felt my lack of ringing ability. It was the day of the 12 bell, so I joined the victoriuos (they didn't come last) band in the palace, where many interesting events occured. Including Ed being catapulted off the futon in his drunken state!

First Aid

I was a fake casualty for the County Competitions. One of the entrants had an interesting first aid style- right hand injuried, left leg bleeding from varicose veins. So, elevating my leg, I had to move onto a stretcher, positioned on my right. Once on the stretcher, he lifted it up and put it onto a chair. I really felt like I was on a slide! It was so funny!!!! That was the weekend it was snowing...the day BST began!

I went on a CBRN visit and waltzed an a space suit. All good fun.

SD exam went well.

I left home at 5am on the 1st April to go to the Links conference. It was quite fun! Carl was so enthusiastic, and I think our plan went down briliantly! Got back in time to go ringing for the Leeds Branch thing.

Taught a first response thing.

Did an ambulance shift and saw some trauma. Unfortunately, it wasn't treatable trauma (no blood).


I met Steve in Orp. It was such a nostalgia trip! We ended up in the Maxwell with the Daves. It was so much fun! I was really late home
which slightly worried Mum, but never mind.

Most of them forgot my birthday. We went to se my Fair Lady which was nice.

We visited James in Pompey which was nice. I found the most fantastic tea pot ever- it was amazing!

On Tuesday we had a young Guiders get together. It was really nice! And now we're going camping which is even more fun- I can't wait! We're going to do it properly too!!!

Went to Wine Soc in the Old Bar- they lost the quiz by 1 point. I later found out that Nic was there, and had won the quiz! Shocking!!! I persuaded them to move onto the Terrace ;)


I got the Reach out eventually. The insides were traumatic to print, so I didn't manage to collate them all before having to go back too Leeds. Went sailing at Scammonden. Itwas fun :) Except for the hail!

Sail training was cancelled, so on Sat we went ribbing and on Sun we went sailing. It was nice- there were so many people down there, and James's friends just get on with it! And take over the house. But they're all so sensible.


PPP. Ugh. PPP is really fun. Except for the travelling.

The Grand Phantom Trip

Will have to have a seperate entry written about it.

And that's it. Over a month in the life of a Charlotte.

I have read Mount Misery, by House of God Man. I know this much is true, by some other person. Both psychological. Both interesting, and eductional! I've also just read the Ambassador by Edwina Currie. I'd say that's quite frightening, as it could always happen.

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